Camisole: H&M
Jeans Shorts: H&M
Kimono: H&M
Necklace: I Am
As I’ve told you guys in my previous posts, I was on a short vacation on the Caribbean island Aruba recently, where my cousin was celebrating his wedding. Naturally, I took a lot of pictures of this beautiful and very particular island, and was really impressed by its amazing seasides and wildlife. Most of all, I enjoyed photographing pelicans and lizards. I was so astonished, when I first saw them, since they don’t run around in the wild in Germany, and I normally have to go to the zoo to take a look at them. Additionally, I was  able to do some snorkeling and to spot some interesting fish.
The weather there was simply perfect. It was very warm, but also windy. Because of the wind one didn’t really feel the heat and could enjoy a day at the beach without getting too hot. The beaches were also amazing–white sand and crystal clear water. I really enjoyed my stay there and would come back at any time. The only downside to my trip were the long flights with two stops. They were very tiring and I was simply exhausted when I came back home. But Aruba was definitely worth it!
I hope you guys enjoy these photos and wish you all a great start to the week!